Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sick Day

Mummy wasn't feeling very well today so she had to spend all day in bed!!! Lucky Mummy!!! Of course I needed to look after her and I didn't mind much... I gave her lots of cuddles, and kept her warm and barked at all the scary people outside. She said I did my job really well! And the best bit was when Daddy brought some chicken for lunch!!!
It has been exhausting...

Sunday, 29 January 2012


Today I went with Mummy and Auntie Kat to the magical land of IKEA. What a place! Sooooo many beds to jump on! I got to ride around in the trolley and helped make lots of very important furnishing decisions!!!


After IKEA Daddy cooked an amaaaaazing Sunday dinner for me and Auntie Kat and Mummy and Uncle Max...
It was exhausting work polishing off all that pork and lamb... Especially after such a long day!!!


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

International Sausage

Went to collect my new passport...Thought it would taste good....

It didn't... :-(

All About Me

DOB: 4th April 2011
Favourite Food: Chicken
Favourite Snack: Popcorn
Favourite Dessert: Cream
Favourite Drink: Puppy Milk
Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Toy: My Meerkat named Oni
Favourite Person: MUMMY!!! But Daddy when he is cooking...
Whats your middle name?: Gotti
How big is your bed?: ENOURMOUS!!!
What was the last thing you ate?: A Bacon flavoured rasher treat.   
Last person you hugged?: Daddy!
What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?: Her Bum!        
Do you want children?: Might be a bit difficult...   
Do you drink?: Not intentionally.   
Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night?: Only that one time when i ate all of the fruit out of the sangria...   
Hair color: Black and Orange.   
Eye colour: Brown.   
Favorite holiday: Auntie Kat's House!   
Favorite Season: Spring-My Birthday.   
Last Movie you Watched: Dog Day Afternoon.
What books are you reading: The Romantic Dogs by Roberto Bolano.   
Piercings?: NO WAY!   
Favorite Movie: Turner & Hooch
What were you doing before filling this out?: Sleeping   
Any pets?: Yeah; Mummy and Daddy       
Favorite Flower: Grass... It tastes GOOOOOOOD!       
Right-pawed or Left-pawed: I'm ambidextrous...
If you could go to any place right now where would you go?: Under the duvet!   
Are you missing someone?: Maybe my Auntie Kat a little bit...   
Do you have a tattoo?: Does a Microchip count?       
Are you hiding something from someone?: Yes, Mummy's socks...        
Did you get enough sleep last night?: Definitely! In fact i wanted to get up and Mummy was still sleeping! It's ok though, i woke her up...
First thing you thought about this morning: Food.   
What do you have handy at your bedside?: Water and a Bone   
Grilled or fried: Grilled. Daddy's BBQs are the best!!!
What makes you unique?: I'm the best!   
Are you afraid of the dark?: No way... I'm not a pussy-cat!   
Favourite Hangout: Corellis   
3 things you can't live without: Cuddles, Chicken and Bed.   
What are you afraid of?: Green Bin Bags.       
What are your nicknames?: Sausie, Snouty, Snout, Houndlet, Houndley, Small, Squish, Sasquatch, Houndish, Sauswich, Stinky, Smelly, Saucisson.       
Stuck on a desert island and can only take one thing: A Pig's Ear.    
Favourite TV commercial: Think Box ad with Harvey... Every home needs a Harvey   
First thing you will save in a fire: My little doggy...           
What did you want to be when you were a pup?: A rottweiler.       
What do you think about when you go to bed?: I count bones and squirrels.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Monday, 23 January 2012


So last week Mummy decided it would be fun to go to a windy beach called Whitstable... She dressed me up in my little grey hoodie and off we went... It was the first time i had ever seen the sea and i wasn't sure about the pebbles, but Mummy said next time we would try and find some sand...


Those Waves are Pretty Scary!