My First Night at Home

Mummy couldn't help but let me sleep in her bed!

 I Found a Cosy Spot at my Grandma's


 Not sure about those giant chickens!!!

 Back in London I recline at the Bluebird Cafe

Auntie Katia gives me love!

            Die Monkey Die... and you too Mr Piggy!


 Identity Crisis...

 Maybe not...

Dashboard Dog!

Lemme Out - I'm Soapy!!!

I Wuv You Piggy!

Chillin' in the Sausage-mobile...


I'm Soooooo Helpful!!!


Ooops! Maybe I have had a little bit too much chicken...

I love it when Mummy bakes!

Warm towel... mmmmmmmmmm

Sooooo COSY!

 Sun Worship!

Loooooooooooooooong Dog!

Sausage Samosa

Cute no?

What are you doing?

Coffee in Chelsea anyone?


OI! Who's that flying about in my yard???

 Ahhh! My Halloween Face!

Going Shopping...

Hey Daddy! What are you doing?

Help!!! I'm being buried Alive!

Get off!!

 Time for a wash me thinks...

Or to help with the washing...

Chewed out...

Taking a drive in Daddy's Car...


 Sleepy Snouty

Don't you think the Leopard Print is Fetching?


It's so cliche... But it really is puppy love!

Need I say more???

1 comment:

  1. I think you're really handsome Sausage!

    How wonderful that you get to go out to so many places, coffee shops and stores. When I was a baby I used to go shopping too with Mommy, but now the stores don't let doggies in anymore! Go figure.....

    Lily Belle