Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snout in the Snow!!!

My first snow!!!!!!!!!

All day I had felt some kind of sense of excitement... Something was in the air...

Then Mummy took me outside...

"What's this white stuff?" I said... "Its very very cold on my little feet!".

Mummy exclaimed "it's snow sausage!!!"

I wasn't so sure about it at first... I gave it a little taste... And did some digging and decided! From now on I am a Snow Snout!!!


  1. hahahaha, snow sausage! Enjoy your snow little mate!


  2. Muffin and I hope that you enjoyed your first snow! Sure looks like you had load's of fun. Good thing you bundled all up for it. It's really cold here in Florida and we had a frost over night (your Mum may have to 'splain what that is). Today will only be 65 here, but at least I can get out and work on my belly tan today.

    Lily Belle